Thursday, July 1, 2010

Targeted Individuals - And The C.I.A.

Let's start this article by just briefly explaining exactly what a "Targeted Individual" is. In essence, a TI or Targeted Individual has been placed into a maze of psychological and often physical warfare tactics which is orchestrated by the U.S. military, C.I.A. and federal law enforcement. From community harassment known as "Organized Stalking" and various other invasion of privacy tactics and violations of basic constitutional rights to invisible, silent physical torture through the use of highly targeted overexposure to electromagnetic radiation.

The purpose of this specific article is to describe the link between the abuse of targeted individuals and the C.I.A. Many targeted individuals are so confused and disoriented by the array of psychological warfare tactics being used against them, they often rationalize the abuse strictly as a "secret society" attempt at implementing a New World Order. The conspiracy-minded individuals among us believe it is an attempt by social elites to control the masses. From my personal experience, I can assure you these perpetrators are NOT social elites.

I believe the C.I.A., are front line harassers used in an attempt to shield law enforcement from obvious exposure during these operations of harassment and violation of individual rights. When an individual is targeted they are subjected to a constant "negative environment" campaign (psychological warfare) which has been given the name "Organized Stalking". Everywhere a targeted individual goes in public they are tracked and surrounded by angry, hostile participants (U.S. military, C.I.A., law enforcement personnel, community "helpers", etc). All the time, everywhere they go, 24/7/365. If this type of harassment was perpetrated solely by law enforcement, it would be rather easy with the use of a video camera to prove a case of extreme police harrassment simply by running license plates. Rather than being constantly surrounded and violated strictly by members of law enforcement, community "helpers", retired/off-duty military and the C.I.A. are deployed on the front line. A private investigator, running license plates for instance, will return an assortment of what appears to be random citizens from every walk of life, with no apparent connection to law enforcement, many of whom live or work in the area of where the harrassment is occuring. This is assuming you could find a competent private investigator that would not be intimidated by an FBI or Homeland Security agent telling them to back down and not assist their client. A target's energy and resources will be drained by attempting to create a link between the participants and law enforcement but will only return what appear to be random citizens from every walk of life.

Now when a targeted individual complains about the abuse they are experiencing, they can easily be documented as showing signs of paranoia or some form of mental illness which will in turn discredit all furture claims made by the target. During these harassment campaigns law enforcement are undoubtedly among the participants but for the most part keep a safe distance from the target. Other governmental agencies such as the C.I.A. are used and in turn are protected by the higher-ups in the police department so no investigation will ever be done. The crimes and violation of rights they commit are endorsed at the highest levels of our federal law enforcement, C.I.A. and military.

Understand that one of the primary goals in an operation like this is to get the targeted individual to make what appear to be fantastical claims that will not be able to be proven in order to discredit them and create the perception or diagnosis of mental illness. The accomplishment of this goal will allow the perpetrators to bring the harassment to a new, more intense level since the target has now been inaccurately diagnosed, or at least documented, as showing symtoms of mental illness. Other obvious goals include incarceration, from a targeted individual lashing out from the constant abuse or institutionalization. Either of which accomplish the ultimate goal of this type of operation, which is simply to remove the targeted individual from society. By any means necessary.

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